W&W is a confident and competent outfit, capable of providing the kind of service expected at prestigious events – in the summer season you’ll find us travelling the length and breadth of the UK, providing our services. 


Why not come and see us at the office or pop in to any one of our events to see us in action or one of the daily ran cafeterias.

Why we’re the right choice...

At W&W we don’t just satisfy, we understand what your needs are and simply tailor ourselves to provide you with the best package in a professional manner. If you’ve already awarded contracts for the forthcoming season give us a call anyway, and we’ll gladly visit your show or event to provide you with a full survey and report on the potential you could be missing out on.


Our approach to event management...

At every one of our events we have a Senior manager , an admin and operations manager and every unit has a supervisor along side their unit operators. We have found over the last 20 years that organisation, communication ,along with intensive training offers you the customer and us the caterers the very best in service and operation.


Each member of the team is experienced and trained to both industry standards and our satisfaction before their placement into positions of responsibility, ensuring we meet the high standards we set ourselves.


Our attitude towards health and hygiene…

Below is an insight / indication of our methods and approach to Health, Hygiene, Hazard Analysis, COSSH, Policies and Procedures re: attitudes, responsibilities and compliance to all matters of Health, Safety and Hygiene.

Our general attitude is one of care, service, presentation and quality which we believe places us in a strong position of care.

Listed is what you can expect to be in use in our units, by our operators and Management / Supervisors – to varied levels and degrees, all personnel have been trained, know and / or understand (packs are also within each unit):


  • Health and Hygiene Reports

  • Hazard Analysis and Quality Control Reports

  • Health and Safety Reports

  • Temperature Control Sheets (storage)

  • Temperature Control Sheets (product)

  • Food Hygiene Certification

  • Any relevant Council and / or Street Traders license information § COSSH Reports for cleaning products used

  • Supplier’s reports (TBC)

  • Fire Safety in a catering unit

In addition to the above we can confirm that All Events  units and vehicles do carry First Aid Kits, Fire Safety and Extinguishing devices, the correct hand washing facilities, antibacterial soap products and hand drying products.

All frozen products are stored well below -18oC at all times. All chilled products are kept below 5oC at all times.

Vehicle equipment is washed out daily with food-safe sterilising products and all surfaces wiped down with antibacterial food-safe products.

Finally, operatives do wear protective clothing (overalls, hats, etc) and have a strict clean hands policy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.